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Holes not drilled in Super or Brood box


Does anyone know what size drill bit I should use to drill holes in my Brood and Super boxes? The manufacturing plant forgot to drill the holes out. I have been emailing Flow, but am waiting for a reply. My “complete” hive was missing the Flow frames, nails and foundation for the brood box. I thought “complete” meant complete. The qualify of the wood I received was “sub-standard” by far. The only bright side I have been able to find was the packing was outstanding. I am disappointed that Flow shows NO CONCERN to help me resolve this matter. Their manufacturing team here in the US is NOT doing a good job and customer service is slow, but very sincere. I am considering filing a dispute with my credit card company. I really enjoy the Flow videos and felt good about spending the money. Now I am wishing I would never have ordered. We have a Bee Club on our campus and everyone was so excited to see the new hive. Now it sits in the box in my office as I am unable to assemble it. This is NOT what agreed to purchase.


I don’t know where you sent your message, but @Faroe usually recommends sending a photo with your order number and order e-mail address to info@honeyflow.com if that helps at all.

I am sure that @beethinking will help expedite a solution for you. If it was me, I am not sure I would want to drill all of those pilot holes myself - there are a lot! When I have come across knots in their products, I drilled with a 1/16" bit, but you could probably use something a little bigger. Bee Thinking have very quickly sent out missing screws and nails to me in the past, so I am sure this will be corrected pretty quickly once they get the message.



I’m sure Flow will respond soon, but we’re the manufacturer. I’m sorry there were issues with your order

We’ve not had any reports yet of missing pilots throughout a box, and we’ve sent tens of thousands! Photos would be quite helpful. You can PM them to me or email support@beethinking.com and our team can follow this up and ensure Flow gets tied in.



One more thing. Flow decided to go foundationless last year, for a number of reasons. You will therefore find comb guides in your kit, but no foundation. There are a number of threads discussing all of this on this forum if you feel like doing a search.



One more thing

The frames come in a second delivery from Brisbane, Down Under. You don’t need them just yet to get started.



From speaking with Scott, I think we’ve confirmed at this point that there are not actually any missing pilot holes. The original Flow instructions unfortunately showed holes where there should be none. We’re working to get Scott the parts he needs so he ends up with a beautiful hive that fits together without issue.


I also was missing about 1/4 of the holes. It wasn’t a big deal. It looked like the drill bit just didn’t come all the way through. The screws did fine. But nonetheless, here is another report of pilot holes not drilled. Like I said though, only missing about 1/4 of them.


Thanks for the feedback. I’d love to know which holes were missing from yours, as we’re still yet to see an example of holes missing where they should have been. Unfortunately, the original instructions show holes where there aren’t, leaving many folks frustrated.

For example, here are a couple images of the instructions and the red dots represent places where there should NOT be holes, however, the instructions seem to indicate there should be. I believe they are all isolated to the brood box, two holes on the Flow box, and four holes on the roof frame…

Note that you’re free to drill those holes through the actual pilot holes to be extra cautious, but having assembled thousands of hives, we’ve not seen a need. We’ve pre-drilled the spot that is most likely to have cracking problems.

If you had missing holes outside of the ones I’ve indicated with the dots, please let me know which ones so I can investigate how it happened. All the pre-drilling is done by a machine drilling them all at once. If there’s one hole on that end of the board, all the holes should be there.



This is a really helpful diagram, Matt, thank you very much for posting it. I will certainly be consulting it this weekend! :slightly_smiling:


There is no Foundation for the brood box - Some countries will not allow the import of foreign Wax through Customs - this was never going to be included.
The Actual Flow Frames will be sent separately from Australia the Flow Hive Boxes come from Oregon.
All nails and fittings are supplied to build the Hive woodwork come with the hive body.

Which holes do you think were forgotten to be drilled? The Hive body does not have holes drilled in the end of the Flow Frame Tapping end - Ie the end where harvesting is carried out - This is not meant to be screwed down as it is the access cover

Please take a deep breath and carefully re- read the instructions -


I emailed, no response yet. We assembled our boxes but there were several errors not mentioned above. Roof predrilled holes didn’t line up well on the ridge boards so we redrilled. The brood box holes on the left side (looking at the back) were drilled in the wrong end. I filled the holes with wood putty. One of the dovetails was off by 1/8 inch so we chiseled the section to fit.

I hope the wood putty isn’t toxic to bees.


Hi Scott, I have seen your emails that you have sent to us. I have responded there - so we can try and resolve this for you asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the help everyone. I worked with a friend at the College to get the holes drilled but unfortunately, the dove tail joints do not line up and I can not assemble the brood box or honey super. They are off in some areas by 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch. I am going to have to work with Customer Service to return the hive now. This experience is so disappointing. :frowning:



We got the holes drilled properly now, however the dove tail joints do not line up. If I could figure out how to post a picture on this discussion I would. I am reaching out to customer service for help and was able to email them four pictures. I can not assemble either the brood box or super.



From our previous discussion it didn’t sound like there were any pilot holes missing that should have been there. The images I posted above help to show this in detail. However, there’s no harm in drilling more if it makes you feel comfortable!

Regarding the fingers that don’t fit, we’ll make this right ASAP. I’ll respond to you privately for your other details so we can get you the appropriate parts.



I have one for you, Matt! There were no pilot holes in the Flow stamped roof end piece. :smile: I drilled pilot holes myself - unfortunately not quite big enough, and the wood split. However, as the roof isn’t really load-bearing, I am not worried about the split.

The other issue was a messy rebate for the wood cover which goes over the plastic side observation window. The cover actually would not fit into the cutout:

Gave me an excuse to put my mini grinding wheel on my Dremel tool to fix it:

My husband wants to help seal it with Tung Oil today, so I will take some photos when it is done. Overall, the wood quality is very nice, and we are happy with the hive.



Is that cover on back to front - where is Flow supporter print?


Nope! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t qualify for that print on my hive. I didn’t buy through Indiegogo. :wink: