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Missing Flow cap


I too have written several times via the website for my missing part to on my Flow Hive but have gotten no response.

I am in URGETN NEED of the FLOW CAP for BZ6 model frame, that is the little round stopper or plug for the inserted frames.

Why is no one responding and I have bees arriving in a few days.

email was dachsies2@yahoo.com

Can anyone help me with this part?


Send an e-mail to info at honey flow.com - remove the spaces and change at to @ (just trying to foil the spambots). Include your order e-mail address and order number to help them look up you address etc.

You shouldn’t need this part at first, unless you already have a full brood box (or two) already. Where in the world are you located? Are you getting a nucleus or a package?


Ok, will send email as stated.

That is good to know that this part isn’t needed at first. I am located in Southwest Colorado in Four Corners area of USA. Spring has sprung and bees are on their way. I am getting 1 queen bee and 15,000 worker bees.

Thanks for your help! cboyd


Sounds like you will need a second brood box then. What do most beekeepers in your area use? One brood box is enough for subtropical climates, but when the winters get cold, bees need enough storage space for food, meaning a second box. You can buy one here if you need it:

You may not need your Flow frames this year if you have to get your colony size grown to 2 brood boxes.


ok email sent.

I will check with our local beekeepers and see. I read where a second bottom is helpful do you have a second bottom? thanks for info on 2 hives!


I didn’t mean 2 hives, I meant one hive with 2 brood boxes under the Flow super. :wink: Looks like this when it is all put together:


Oh thank you for this information!!! I will definitely look into this! cboyd :slight_smile:


And you’ll need at least 50,000 before it’s time to put your flow frames on


OK Great information!! Thank you so much!! Can’t wait! Catherine :slight_smile:


THANK YOU! :slight_smile:


That was the same part I was missing. Both top and bottom. It took several email bit after about a little longer than a month I finally got the missing parts. Probably whomever works with BZ6 should been sent packing if they keep messing up orders.


Thank you so VERY MUCH!! It’s like Christmas! Can’t wait to see the device you come up with with the caps! cb :slight_smile:


Maybe fishing line for the caps? :fishing_pole_and_fish::slight_smile:


Waxed dental floss would work :slight_smile:


Great ideae!! Thanks. cb :slight_smile:


Got the cap today! Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile: I will pay it forward per your request. Great idea!


Got it ordered! Thank you Dawn :slight_smile:


Im also waiting for response. How did you go with your missing parts? It’s doing my head in so over waiting


Hi Helen,

I posted here and someone sent me one. Try posting on Flow Hive discussion board and see what happens. Hope this helps! https://forum.honeyflow.com/t/missing-flow-cap/6290/12




Hi Helen,

I’m sorry to hear you have been waiting a long time for a response. Do you have a genuine Flow Hive and have emailed the customer support email address? Emails are normally answered in 1-2 business days, unless there is a public holiday, weekend, etc.

The email address is info@honeyflow.com or you can use the contact page:

Please include your order number or the email address you used to make your order when you email so that we can find your order in our system. Please also check your spam box in your email - sometimes Flow responds, but the emails are missed unfortunately.