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Home made ethanol

I am finding ethanol difficult to purchase and was wondering if the alcohol by volume that I can produce in my reflux still would be suitable for conducting an alcohol wash when testing for Varroa. I can attain an ABV of 83% will that be
strong enough? I understand that methylated spirits will do the job, but the purple makes mite spotting more difficult unless filtered through a piece of kitchen roll…also I can distill 5 litres for less than $20

70% denatured ethanol is what I’ve used.

You can also use Rubbing Alcohol (isopropanol). Anything above 60-70% is fine. Your home-distilled stuff would work too, again 60-70% is plenty high enough. :wink:

Thanks to all for your feedback, will get a brew going right away

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Do you ship your moonshine to the UK :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: at 83% I’m in.

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Don’t want to end up in the Tower of London, so I guess not, also Still Spirits who makes the still insist that the percentage be reduced to 50%or lower to ensure the consumer can still breathe after drinking it :rofl:You could always move to New Zealand, one of only two countries in the world to allow the production of Spirits for personal consumption