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Honey Bees – Can Save The World?

Honey Bees – Do you know they have a great contribution to the ecosystem? Are you afraid of a hive bee? Why we should protect Bees? Honey Bee cares for us and helps us to live well.

Honey Bees

Bees are from insect families. But they are not like some other pests like mosquitos or flies. They are quite helpful for us and our ecosystem. Basically there are 7-12 species of honey bees worldwide. The Western Honey bee is the most common and well known in them. They are also known as European Honey bees. In the USA there live 6 kinds of Honey bees.

Do you know Honey bees are also industrious insect-like ants? They stay in a colony, collect their foods together and built their houses together. There is another interesting thing in their life and that is their winter life. When It is winter and cold climate Honey bees stop flying. When the temperature is low or below 10°C, They get together and create a crowd in the central area of their hive to keep themselves warm. They’re also a queen always stays in the hive. Basically Honey bees have 3 castes. They are Drones(male), Workers(female) and Queen(female). Read more honey bees

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It’s not so much a question whether honey bees can save the world. Can humans stop themselves from destroying the world?