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Saving bees and their environment in Pakistan


Dear All,

Need your kind advice to save these below native bees which are residing on our farm house and they usual go away in a month or two don’t know where. Also they are reducing in number and continuously seems dying but I have no idea or clue. If anybody can suggest something regarding their environment so we can get them reside for long period in our garden; also it might benefit whole the community in world.



Hi Aamir
You probably know more about your native bees than anyone in the rest of the world! Glad that you are taking an interest. Sounds like they migrate, so they would not accept a hive. Perhaps your local natural history museum could help if you catch a bee for identification purposes.
Is anyone using pesticides nearby that might kill them? Bees often don’t live very long anyway.
Good luck


Hi Aamir, sorry I only just noticed your nice video and request. I’m a new learner too and hope you’ll post us an update :blush: