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Honey distribution in a Super?


I have noticed in all my hives that the bees are filling the supers from North to South. They do seem to fill the central frames first- but the South side before the North one… I have my hives with the entrances facing the west- and the frame on the North side is always the last one to fill (which is slightly annoying as it is the frame that has the flow window on it). The North side is the side of the hive that is warmed the most from the sun. Is this is a standard type of pattern for honey distribution in a super? I am interested because I designed my long hive with the frames all at one end- unfortunately I chose the North side…



I’m betting you forgot to leave the “Beekeeping for Beginners” book face down on top of the frames so the bees could read it? lol :smiley:

I think it’s based on their need for warm or cold. In the northern hemisphere, my bees stay away from north in winter and conduct all their business closer to the southern portion of the hive.


My hive entrance faces north east. So the north west side gets filled first, the south east last. Warm first, like yours.