Honey flow honey amount

I watch alot of videos but i know they dont show all the stuff. My question is exactly how much honey do you get if its full and ready to harvest. 1qt 1/2 gal , gallon ? Thank you all that have answered my other questions i appreciate it alot and hoping to help others in the future.

Hard to say, as it varies by region and how old your frames are, but if you let one frame drain for 2-6 hours, starting late morning and ending mid to late afternoon, you should get about 7lb of honey, which is about 0.5 US gallons. If you are less patient, you will only get 4lb (or less than a quart), and if you are more patient, you may get 7.5lb. That is my personal experience, but beekeeping is not just science, there is art to it as well, so your results may differ from mine. I collect into 64oz canning jars, and for 2 frames, I generally have at least 3 or 4 jars ready to fill :wink:


I’ll work in metric. I average 3.3kg per frame or 2.3-2.4 liters. Normally I start around dusk when I start to prepare dinner opening about 1/3 of the frame, just before i start cooking I open up another 1/3 and then after eating the last 1/3. By the time I have cleaned and washed up and wrangled kids I go back and close and tidy up. From start to finish any where from 2-3 hours.


tip if your wanting to have a single type of honey ie tast the flora tast i recomd useing separate tubes i dont know ware you are but ware i am we have a marri and jarra trears as adam would agree if your in australia and you want that yummy marri flaver use one tube exsclusively for marri same with jarra but apart from that if you are unable to tell what flowers or srubs or trees the bees are visiting just say raw honey but if you could tell by the tate of what the main necter ie honey the bees are brining in than you can say the type of flora it is hope that helps happy beekeeping