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Honey For Sale in the USA


Does anyone know where i can purchase some honey from a flow hive? I would like to try some before I set up a hive.

Mark Cahill


You missed mine. I sold Point Loma honey from 30 miles south of you, over 20lb on nextdoor.com, in under 24 hours. It was delicious. :blush: Flow hive worked great, no complaints. Feedback from all purchasers was 100% positive.


Is using two keys beneficial?


I have two Flow supers, so I have 2 keys, therefore I use both. :blush:

The real answer to your question is that you don’t need 2 keys. However, it is much easier to get the frames to open or close reliably if you do have two. If you don’t, just put your one key in the left, middle and right of the slot, and turn it in each position each time instead.

As Flow now sells extra keys in the US for $15 plus shipping, I would personally just buy a second key if I only had one.



Yes, but $15 for a $0.10 piece of metal …


Picasso once reportedly said, cost of canvas, paint and stretcher frame, $50. Knowing how to do the art, $2.5 million. :smile:

Just joking, but you get the concept that Flow have to recoup the R&D costs. You don’t “need” a second key, it is just nice to have. If it isn’t worth $15 to you, then just jiggle your one key thoroughly. :blush:


I don’t own a flow hive, therefore I don’t own a key. From my observations they look to be well made & made out of ss. As a DIYer, I don’t think I’d try to copy one. Also I doubt you’d get the material for as little as 10 cents.

PS It just occurred to me that you could be talking about the key of the Chinese copy. That could be 10 cents worth of metal. As we say in Au. “not worth 2 Bob” There is a comparison between the real thing & the Chinese copy on Youtube. There is no comparison. The real thing was strong & sturdy while the copy just twisted.


Did it taste any different from the honey produced by the other hives?


I own a flow hive and, when the next sale happens, will buy another. Trust me, it’s ten cents of metal with a 90 degree bend in it … AH, but $14.90 worth of knowledge of where to PUT the bend … :slight_smile:


My traditional hive didn’t produce an excess this year, so I can’t tell you. :blush:


That’s a novel way to pick up an extra key :slight_smile: . We’ll have to agree to disagree on the cost of the metal (stainless steel).

PS, here is that video I’m talking about.


Hmmm, Dawn just made a suggestion. I have two keys as well. Ohhh … guess you have tried to buy a dinner fork lately. A lot more than 10 cents last I checked. Appreciate your note but like I’d said… Dawn was just trying to help.

Cheers n Happy Beekeeping,


Next year.
The bees here are eating their way through the supers which are off next week. We still have lots of Himalayan Balsam but the weather isn’t playing