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Honey from My Hives


G’day I just tried some honey from my hive - About a teaspoon full - It Came from the Brace comb on my last National in Emerald’s Hive.

I know it was mainly sugar syrup but there was a really rich undertone of Honey to it so they must have added nectar to it - It was delicious! better flavour than Sainsbury’s Runny (run of the mill) Honey.

Can’t wait for spring!

The weather has turned Yuck again but Emerald’s girls are up in the Flow Frames - We have had 1 week of nice weather. Sapphire is not up in hers, but she is a smaller hive.


It must be remembered that it isn’t honey until it has been in the bees stomach & regurgitated. I believe that a certain part of the honey flavor comes from the bees themselves.


It was Honey some was capped. The comb stuck to the next frame and pulled off when I lifted the frame. There is a little more to drain out - Think Hubby ate some already - I said he could eat the comb - I don’t like to eat comb


Valli, you shouldn’t have supers on at this time of year (unless you are leaving them full for the bees or nadired for them to move up in to the brood box.
Feeding should be well underway aiming to finish by the end of the month. Lang broods are big enough to contain all the food needed over winter.


It’s very good for you. Hot thick crusty toast, butter and a peice of honey comb on the corner. Bite and crunch. The texture of the comb gets lost in the crunch of the toast but you get all the taste…yummy :smile:


@dangerous There was what I considered too much syrup in the brood area so hoping they will move some possibly overdid the syrup? About 30kg of sugar all in, I would rather they had too much than too little. Hard to tell.

I wanted more brood area, they are just laying wax down so I’m just leaving it on while the weather was nice - head start on next Spring.

If they used some of the syrup for wax it wont hurt


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That’s what I have done I just don’t like the texture of the wax in my mouth