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Honey in bottom of flow frame

Hi everyone,
We opened the rear observation window today and have seen there’s honey in the bottom of one of the flow cells. Photo attached.

I’m wondering if this is normal or of we have a problem?

Thank you,

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No, not normal for what looks like your first time. I would cycle that frame to open and drain what honey is there (maybe 30 mins +) then close. If it continues to leak into the trough contact Flow hive for their advice.
If you have already had a harvest then it is probably just remnant. Drain it as it will probably go bad if left and using your cranking tool with a cloth and warm water clean it out.

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We are having the same issue.

We have only had the FlowHive 2 for a little over a month. Bees are doing great but some honey/nectar/something is settling at the bottom exactly like the picture above.

I triple checked to confirm the flow frames are in the correct position…not sure what to do. I really don’t want to mess with the frames because there are lots of bees inside the cells. I’m afraid I may kill some bees if i try to open the frames and close them again.

Almost like the bees did not coat the cells in wax prior to filling them.

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The frames are designed to open and close without killing the bees. So you can safety reset the frames now without squishing any bees.

There is alway the possibility of some leaks when the bees first learn to seal these frames. After it’s first use, the issue will likely resolve itself.

Also, there is a drain back hole when you pull the plug out. Check that is not blocked up with propolis. The nectar will drain back for the bees to recycle.