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Honey in the bottom of the frames

I have noticed that there is honey sitting in the bottom of the frames. This has only occurred since I removed some honey recently.
Does this mean that I have not closed the frames correctly, they seem to be closed but maybe not?

Hello Peter, if you are meaning that you have honey in the chamber at the bottom of the frames then the most likely cause is that you didn’t give enough time for the frame to completely drain the honey. Extracting the honey breaks the wax joint in the cells so after you close the frame honey will still leak down to the chamber and accumulate there till the bees repair the wax seal in the cells.
It is important to check that the slot at the bottom of the chamber where the plastic disc sits is open so the bees can take and remainder of the honey if you haven’t given enough time for the frame to completely drain, but also accept that it can take a day or two for the bees to repair the cells after you close the frame.
My fix is to fit a 25mm plastic tube over the Flow Hive drain tube and run the other end into a hole in a honey pail lid so it is bee proof and I leave that connected to the frame overnight and close the frame the next morning. That way you have got all of the honey and the bees can quickly re-seal the cells. That way works really well for me.

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In addition to Peter’s comment, make sure there is nothing blocking the little drain where the bottom cap fits. the bees will eat it as it flows down.