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Honey Jar Labels requirements, Australia


I’m starting this thread to get some information about creating labels for our honey to professionalize the product. From artwork, production to legal requirements.
Where do I start?


I’d say start with a catchy name? I’m in the same boat currently- need my own label. If you plan to sell to shops lots of them would like a barcode. You have to buy them. That’s about as far as I’ve got…

Fun honey label ideas (for gifts, not for sale)

Play with a pencil and paper. Just mess about till you get a design you would like.
Find out all the legal requirements etc you need on the label.
If you don’t have Publisher with MS Office then get one of the free desktop publisher or designer apps (used to be called programs LOL) and get it done.



I print my own using Avery brand labels. They have free software to allow you to create designs and then apply them to the various labels they have available.
I have my basic design saved and simply update the batch number, weight etc each time I print. I can print from as few as one label at a time so only ever print as many as I need reducing wastage and making it quite cost effective.
For nutrition labels I just buy them by the roll at 4c each.


Skeg WAAS have the legal requirements covered on their web page. From there it is a matter or name, art and printing.