Fun honey label ideas (for gifts, not for sale)

What fun things do people put on honey labels?

And yes, I’ve seen these posts:

I’m NOT talking about what is required or the regulations in your area/country, but what fun ideas do people have?

So far, I’m giving my honey away to friends and so far have a front label that says honey in the local language here in Rwanda (see picture below).

Ubuki is honey in Kinyarwandan.

The label is designed by a graphic designer friend who needs work, if you want to hire her!

But have a ton of space on the back label that I don’t know what to do with.

Things I’ve seen on other labels include:

  • 100% pure
  • natural
  • all-natural
  • organic
  • natural
  • yummy
  • tastes damn good
  • hive aged
  • my honey is 100% organic
  • pure
  • raw
  • additive free
  • Rwandan
  • peaceful

And my wife had the idea that I have an outlined, simple map of Rwanda with a star from where the honey comes from.

What fun ideas do you have? Please don’t get all technical on me, I’m giving this away and will not entertain critical or annoying responses!


AH Marketing! Know your audience and market segment. What angle do you want to target your audience? What are the people like you are going to gift with your honey? Don’t sell them steak sell them the sizzle. Health people? Beegan Honey (humor)! Political “American Honey First”. Feminist Honey “All Female Workers”. Humorous, scientific? Elegance is in graphic design and font chosen. I’ll go with advocacy as so many don’t know about the threat to bees and food. Show us what you come up with.


I thought I saw a label with two bees kissing each other and a drop of honey coming out somewhere

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Great label @Bungee, your graphic designer has talent, maybe they can design me a label.
@Martha, great picture, if I didn’t keep bees I’d say it was photoshopped!


I did it in Paint and got the photo from beekeeping images on google. I just threw it together as an example. :smiley:

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I’m going to rename it! “Love Can Build A Bridge” inspired by your kissing bees

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That is an elegant label. :grinning:

Sorry, @skeggley. I have had some health issues and been away from beekeeping (and label making) for a while. Let me know if you’d still like to be in touch with my label maker friend.