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Honeycomb Recipe from Flow Hive Honey

Does anybody have a nice recipe for honeycomb using their Flow Hive honey?


Have it with a cheese platter :slight_smile:


Thank you. Lovely pictures.

I love eating honeycomb on a cracker with bluecheese and quince paste. Life changing.


Thanks for the handy hints for delicious ideas.

I enjoy honeycomb on hot buttered toast or an English muffin :star_struck:

PS: did you mean honeycomb candy?

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I did actually but appreciate the lovely ideas already received.
Can you use raw honey in honeycomb candy?


Yes you can, but it seems a bit wasteful to me for a couple of reasons. First of all, you have to heat it to around 295°F, which will denature all of the enzymes and proteins, and destroy most of the vitamins. Second, you have to add sugar anyway, which will cover up the honey taste. Third, the heat will caramelize the honey and change its flavor, so the final product may not taste much like the raw honey did. Having said all that, you may find it delicious! :blush:

Here is a US recipe for you. One cup is 240ml and a tablespoon is 15ml - American recipes mostly do things by volume, unfortunately:


That’s the exact recipe I used when I tried making this for the first time last year! I feel the same way about it seeming like a waste, so I’d never done much cooking or baking with my precious Flow honey, but I had a massive harvest last year - plus I chose some of my darker honey. I must say it was really yummy!! And, a lot of fun for my nephew to help make :heart_eyes:

@Heddyjan it makes a good amount, but doesn’t keep well. One delicious way we ate it was in shards on top of brownies a la mode :japanese_ogre:


Wow. Looks yummy - thanks.


I had a go at making some halva a while back. Fail. Has anyone here succeeded in making this?