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New to the Forum


Hello, we are brand new to the joy’s of bee keeping, we have purchased our first Flow Hive,and are very exited to get started. We are Jim & Tina from Texas, and could use all or any advise from ya’ll.


Welcome :slight_smile: Feel free to post any questions you have. All i can really tell you is watch a lot of youtube and read a lot of books.

here’s some good youtube channels:


Thank you sir. We greatly appreciate it.


Hi Jim & Tina from up in PA!
I’m a new beekeeper too, and I’d recommend the same sites as @Beast9156 did, plus Honeybeesuite.com. But for me, the best support, encouragement & on the spot problem solving help has come from this forum :blush:


Oops - also meant to say to definitely check out the Beekeping with Louise videos produced by Flow.


What am I, chopped liver!?



Guess I just lumped you in with the Flow community, Bobby! As in, “best” :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info, how did you get started? Did you buy your bees or capture them, we are a little timid.


There are several ways to get started.

  1. Hopefully you have joined your local beekeeping society. If so, you can ask them about local sources of bees. Some of them may have strong colonies and may be willing to sell you some bees.
  2. If not, they will know who the good local suppliers are, although now we are a little late in the season to order a nucleus or package. In my region of California, bees for delivery in March are usually ordered the previous September or October. By June, they are often sold out.
  3. Many people at the local beekeeping society will be on a “swarm capture” list. If you ask, I bet they would let you go with them to capture a swarm, and they may even be willing to you keep the bees captured.

Good luck!