I'm interested in beekeeping, but have absolutely no place to put said bees not do I know where to start

I’m really just wondering where to start. I have absolutely no experience.

Here’s a start


Sorry I’m off to work otherwise would put up more

Have a read all through our bee keeping basics on this forum, there’s also a list of books, videos’s etc., on this forum.
Look and read - most of the stuff has already been answered on here. But if you still need more info after reading and using the search function up the top right hand corner, then post your question and one of the experienced bee keepers will get back to you.

We recommend that you contact local beekeepers and join a beekeepers club if you can, as they can tell you all about how to keep your bees happy and healthy. They can also help you to obtain or purchase a bee colony to put in your hive. They will be able to tell you if you need to register your beehive and other local regulations about keeping bees.

Part of keeping a beehive is checking for disease, especially in the box where the queen and workers live. To do this, you need to open up the hive, so will need to get a bee veil so your head is protected, and then put on long sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes and socks (or bee suit), gloves, so that the bees can’t sting you. It is important so that your bees stay healthy.

What Flow™ hive does is make extracting the honey easy. This is more than half the work of keeping bees, but the other parts are important too.

I have friend who thinks of them as nature’s acupuncturists :slight_smile: it is nature. And nature will do as nature does :slight_smile:

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I have been stung before and it didn’t really swell up too much. And I’m not dead so I don’t think that I’m allergic to bees. But I have always been a bit fascinated by bees. And I like honey a lot.

That honey flow hive is really cool. Is it good for beginners to use?

Hi Dillon, to answer your question, possibly not any easier. The harvesting of the honey is the easy part. It’s the farming of the bees that has many challenges. You’ll need to learn how to be a good bee farmer in order to get the flow hive to work for you. It’ll require lots of study, join a bee club, find a mentor or two. More study, mistakes. You’ll need to have a passion for bees & bee culture. Good luck, cheers