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Houston we have Flow Hives


Hi I’m Mario, originally from Mexico, living north of Houston with my family and 6 hives. Can’t wait to get the Flow Hive on top of one of them. All of my hives are 8 frame Langs


Will be adding bees to our gardening with children. Does your family 9 kids) help out with the bees. Any suggestions for working with bees and children. I know about the make sure they are not allergic we are South
of you near Galveston TX


The kids love them, they all love to suit up. You will need to tech them not to get near the hives without a suit. Even my 4 year old know that now. Also, try to put the bees behind a barrier so that they have to fly up above from human level, that will avoid a lot of conflict. So far in 3 years, I’ve been the only one stung, I do get a lot closer and everyday too!


Hi neighbors,
Am in Victoria, TX to your west southwest. Will be anxiously watching your progress with the Flow Hives. :smile: Am still a novice, but enjoy the bees except their stinging personalities.