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Central Texas Flow Hivers?

I’m 30 min east of Austin. It would be nice to know if anyone nearby is going to be raising bees using flow hive.

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I am in Dallas, not close. There are about 4 of use up this way

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Are you an experienced beekeeper or new? This will be my first hive.


I am new. This post if from my fun today

New to the forum and beekeeping. Just received our beehive this week and my kids and I assembled it. I live in Central Austin. Looking forward to this new hobby and could use any help to get started.

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I am from Austin, I don’t have a flow hive, but I do teach beekeeping classes in my Apiary in SW Austin - www.BeeFriendlyAustin.com and also we have a group of beekeepers that meet a Zilker Botanical Gardens on the first Monday night of each month and several of our members DO Have FLOW hives or will be getting them soon. :slight_smile: The group is Travis County Beekeepers, meetings are open to the public, free parking, please join us! :slight_smile: www.TravisCountyBeekeepers.org

Tanya Phillips
Austin, TX

There are a few members in the www.TravisCountyBeekeepers.org that have flow hives, one has had since last fall, and several have bought it and are waiting for bees this spring! Join us on the first Monday of each month Zilker Botanical Garden at 7pm.
Enjoy your bees!
Tanya Phillips

I own a ranch west of Temple and have kept a lot of bees in my past. At the moment that I saw the news of the Flow Hive I decided buy one and get a hive going, again. I bought a really good nuc in Georgetown last year and by feeding them through last summer, have it going strong. I have just received my 7-frame Flow super and am now ready for the flow.

The big honey flow in my area is Indian Blanket. I usually have lots of acres of Indian Blanket here on the ranch each spring and, with the ground still somewhat moist from all the fall rains, I’m looking forward to a good flow. It is really going to be fun testing out the Flow super with some of that great tasting local honey.

From what I’ve read on the forum, I’m planning to use a queen excluder with the super. If anyone in central texas doesn’t use an excluder, I would like to hear their experiences.

New to the forum and beekeeping. Just received our beehive this week and my kids and I assembled it. I live in Central Austin. Looking forward to this new hobby and could use any help to get started.

I have 5 kids. Ages 0 to 8. I didn’t have the guts/patience to let them help me assemble my hive. I do hope to involve the 2 older ones in working with the hive.

Thanks for the info beegrrl! I’ll try and make it to the meetings. Zilker is a good 35 minute 1 way drive for me, but, I would really like to have some experts I can lean on in my back pocket.

I am a bit anxious about only have 1 hive. I have read a lot people recommending starting with 2 hives in case one fails. I spent a lot of money for the flowhive and the bees and I would hate to mess up.

I penciled the meeting into my calendar.

@beegrrl, I live between Bastrop and Elgin. Do you know of any friendly people in the club who would be willing to assist me when my nuc arrives? Or, maybe let me do an inspection of their hive someday before my nuc arrives? My bees arrive March 23rd, I am picking them up in dripping springs from BeeWeaver.

We have several people in our Bee Club from the Bastrop area. At our last meeting we were pairing people up in groups that lived closest in proximity. What is your email address and I will forward it or your phone number to our bastrop members and see if we can get you into a group with some other beekeepers? There is also 2 other groups in your area: FAYCO Beeks in Fayette Co. and Central Texas Beekeepers in the LaGrange area.

Travis County meets on First Mondays at Zilker Botanical Gardens in downtown Austin.

Tanya Phillips

I know for sure that our member who has a Flow Hive is from Del Valle, so that’s not too far from you, either. :slightly_smiling:tanya

I will PM you with my contact info.

Plan to be there at Zilker botanical gardens in March.
Still waiting for the flow hive. The box was well made and it take 2 kids and me about an hour to put it together.
Working on spot in my garden to place the hive away from everyone.


I have a conflict for the march meeting, I hope to resolve the conflict, I’d love to meet some other people who are in the same situation as me (i.e. new to bee keeping and about to set sail on their maiden voyage with the flow hive). I’d also like to hear from other people how much they are able to get their kids involved.


Should we be using a double brood box in our central Texas area?

I am in Lorena, just south of Waco on I-35. Our local ‘Heart of Texas’ beekeepers club meets monthly in Waco and I have been going to meetings for a few months now. They are vehemently against Flow hive (especially the club leadership) and are 100% certain Flow is just a scam to take people’s money. I recently received my full Flow hive and will be doing a cutout soon to move some feral bees into the new hive and hopefully will be proving the local bee club wrong soon after.

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Woo hoo, good for you! It is so fascinating how Luddite beekeepers can be. My own club is quite mixed, but we do have around 8-10 Flow hive buyers, so by next year, we will have some real experience to base opinions on. :smile:

Good luck with the cutout, and let us know how it goes, with photos if you can! :wink:

Just invite them round for an extraction once you’ve got it just right.
The old lags at my BKA consider vaporising Oxalic the Devil’s work :imp:

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