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Houston, we have honey


Oh NO! are you going to see if the new queen from one of the queen cells is a good queen when she gets back from her fancy flight? Or are you just going to requeen. Did your bees have any issues taking to the flow frames? Did you do anything special to coax them up there? Thanks for your input!




No coaxing was needed. They did fill both of my brood boxes before they wanted to start filling the flow frames.

I saw at least two queen cells that had been exited. I saw at three times where the bees swarmed. Not sure if any came back but it does not look like it. Most of the bees that are left look confused and of course leaderless. There have not been any queens available but hoping to get one this week.


I thought I would give you an update to this thread. I was able to re-queen this colony in April and I just harvested my first 2 gallons yesterday. It looks like I may need to split this colony within the next month or two. My second flow hive is probably going to be ready to harvest next weekend.


2nd and part of third harvest.


Nice and dark honey Bob, what is the nectar source and the water %age?


i am not really sure of the source. My flowhive is just outside my dining room window and the bees go around my neighborhood but I am not sure where they are getting the nector. I harvested part of this 3 weeks ago and just today.


Guess the proof is in the flavour of the honey. How are aroma and taste?


My honey is the best in the world!! :slight_smile: I have lots of testimonials to say so!



Bob, your honey can’t be the best in the world because my honey is the best in the world. You’ll have settle on 2nd best in the world.


Well, you will have a tough time convincing my customers! :slight_smile:


Well done Bob, that’s great to hear. It’s good to have happy customers :slight_smile: