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Houston, we have honey


After a short winter break here in Houston (Actually Katy, TX just to the West), the bees are getting after it. Hoping to have another great year after 18.5 gallons of honey last year. Thank you Cedar and Stu (and the Honeyflow team)!!



Is the honey in the flow frames all from this spring already?


While you are thanking folks, thank your mentor/s as well as give yourself a good pat on the back for a job well done. Listening, taking notice, then putting it into action plays a big part in success.


Thanking my Arnia too for clues on when to add a super. Yes, I can monitor the frames every week. Yes, I need to go in and make brood space. But knowing when the nectar is flowing in urban California is a real challenge, and the Arnia scale helps hugely for that:

Feb 18th, we took out 3 frames to make space. Four days later, the weight was increasing again, so we added the Flow super. We may have pulled the trigger a little early on the super, but at least it wasn’t too late. Next inspection will reveal all. New queen coming mid-March, as this hive is a bit on the feisty side. :sweat_smile:



I left most of the frames full at the beginning of November and they did not use most it and they are filling it to the top again. Houston winters are short and not that cold.



Hey John, I grew up in Bozeman. Played basketball for the High Flying Hawks. Graduated in 1975. My sister in law lives in Livingston. I lived there as a child as my Dad was a principal of a school there back in 1959.


What a crazy small world we live in! I have lived in this area since 1994. Moved out here from Central Pennsylvania


Paradise Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world!

My grandparents started the Montana Wilderness Association.


Is that all from one hive? That’s over 200lb. A yield I can only dream of. The average yield in Wales last year was 25lb.


Yes from one hive. I believe I have my hive in the perfect location. On the south side of my home but underneath my solar panels so it stays warm and yet they are protected from the rain.


You can see the discussion from last fall when I harvested for the 7th time.


I’m up in Conroe and looking into beekeeping. How often do you empty your frames in the Spring/Summer? Do you do them all at once, or do you have some kind of system?

Thank you,


Hey Jonathan,

I do them all at once when I see that the flow frames are completely full (or very close to it) and the capping on the frame next to the window is completely capped over. I would get around 2.5 gallons each time.



Jonathan, you can watch the video of my 3rd harvest last year and you can see my process.



perfect, thanks so much.


OMG that’s exactly what I’m aspiring for! :smiley: I lust love success stories.


Martha, The honey season is probably not as long in Tennessee but I am sure you will do well.



I hope so! I got my hive for Xmas 2016, my bees April 2017, built up my colony, wintered over and am hoping for honey in 2018! :grinning: I’m thinking all this rain will have a great affect this season. :honeybee::honeybee::heart:️:raised_hands::peace_symbol:


I’m in Houston as well. Is this video from February?!? My bees just started really waking up a few weeks ago. This will be my second season beekeeping, so I’m hoping to pull honey this year. I just added my flow give on top of my second broodbox today. Do you know when the flow is on around here? It seems like EVERYTHING has been covered in pollen by my house. Have I missed the flow already?!?!



I don’t believe the flow has started out yet. I am hearing that there are quite a few hives that are swarming around the Houston area. Mine have swarmed 3 different times already and I was able to get into the hive yesterday and found that my Queen is gone and there are no eggs so she’s been missing for some time. Working on getting a replacement Queen this week. There were several Queen cells and I think to new queens left The hive.