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How can do you started to engage in beekeeping?


Hello to all beekeeper.
How can do you started to engage in beekeeping?
I`m not a beekeeper, but my family is interested in beekeeping from 2012.
One week ago we start a campaign at Indiegogo, but it almost nobody is interested.
(https://igg.me/at/honeyfarm our project)
But I wonder how you began to develop your apiary?


Hello Vlad,

Just a note … You ask for support/money for your project of interactive apiary. You mention family interest but is there a personal interest. Has anyone in your family actually worked with or raised honeybee/have experience.

I have not found any information about you, your experience or photos of you or your or family beekeeping background or experience. First I’d get some very personal experience of beekeeping under your belt before asking for others money or help. Do not get the cart ahead of the horse. Study, get help learning, start a apiary/bee yard, experience with interactive program n more.

I’m not trying to discourage your idea or dream but it takes a solid start before asking others to valve your idea.

Good luck n get started,


Hello Gerald
Thank for your message.
My father and brother have 5 years of experience on beekeeping.
Today we have 12 hives.
I added some photos to our group on Facebook


This is taking “Adopt-a-Hive” to a new level.



This is what is needed ! Your original post was null n void of these great pix’s n explanations. Thanks for the share ! Like Jeff noted, it’s taking “adopt a hive” to a new stage ! I want to give your internet site n pix’s another look over. Thankz !

Cheers bro !


wow, it`s so interesting.
I did not know what is the “adopt a hive”.
Can you tell more about this?


Can you tell more about this?



Several companies near me here in the States a private business like your would place a colony/hive at a homeowner house n charge a fee. The company care n inspects each hive periodically.

I’ve never really checked into it. So I don’t know details. I have my own bee yard at my own home. I don’t have to be concern about caring for hives except in my beeyard.

Maybe Jeff will see your note n add to how “Share a Hive” works in Austrailia.

Ta Ta


Hi Vlad, there is a scheme here on the Sunshine Coast, Australia where you can adopt a hive. You pay quite a few hundred $s up front & then an annual fee to maintain it. For that you get about 8 kilos of honey per year, plus a “good feeling” that you’re “saving the bees”. If you google adopt a hive, you’ll find the website as well as lots of others. What’s not to like about having a “good feeling”?


In Ukraine where I live it`s not popular. I never heard about the existence in our country.
as I understand you meant that we have organized this for our apiary?


Holy hell! Where do I have to move to get that kind of honey coverage on frames the size of barn doors? :smile:

The adopt a hive thing comes and goes near me, people realise the yield isn’t enough to sustain the time and cost of driving between all the sites so they give up/sell up after a couple of seasons.

I think the ‘host a hive’ where it’s not on your property is just one step too far removed.


It’s honey from our apiary at Ukraine
beekeeping in our country is very powerful