How do i add a profile picture?

I’m really new to the forum and haven’t worked out my way around it yet! how do i add a pic?

In the top right-hand corner you should see the S right now this symbolizes you. Click on it and it will call up a bunch of different information from activity how do you want to be notified messages invites your badges summary and at the very end preferences

After clicking on it, look about halfway down and you’ll see profile picture, click on the little pencil just adjacent to your ass and you will see options there.

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Thanks Martydallas! think i’ve got it…

The mind boggles!!! :blush:


ha ha yes i did notice that lol!

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OMG!! “ass” I made one of ME :frowning:


:wink::+1::sunglasses:, saw the — typo Ass ! :smile::+1:

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