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How do you keep from spilling honey


We did a harvest and then a hive inspection and it seems impossible to keep from spilling honey. Some of the frames are attached and when taken out they rip apart and then spill honey everywhere it is such a mess.



Are you using a Flow-hive ?! Where was all the honey loss ? ( in the Flow-Super or below)? I helped with a friends apiary yesterday. All his are non-Flow … Working bees we work slow n easy not to damaging comb csppings but some spillage does happen. Only had a couple really difficult hives the Girls really glued in so lost a dab but not much the bees will quickly clean up the mess inside the hive this time of year n restore n repair the damaged comb.

Welcome to harvest n inspection issues… Good luck n remember (slow n easy),


If your frames are attached you have the spacing wrong. Are they foundationless


The honey loss was in just my normal frames In the brood box when I did my inspections. And they were building I. The roof so I took the comb out and but when scraping there was a lot of spilling and when I opened the roof because the comb was attached to the top cover also. Just read your not suppose to spill and drop and we failed at that big time.


I used 8 frames for the brood boxes for the flow hive. I could maybe take out another frame and have them spaces further?


Please don’t do that in the brood box. You risk getting loads of drones, not enough workers and too much food stored. It is fine to do it in the harvest supers, but not in the brood box. :wink:


Hi Anna, place a tile or piece of wood over the hole in the inner cover to prevent them from accessing the roof cavity (unless you are using this space to feed your bees). Another tip is everytime you inspect the brood, scrape any burr comb from on top and sides of the frames into a plastic container and remove. This will cut down honey spillage and make your life a lot easier.



Like others have said n noted … Block
off the hole access to their attic. A tile, shallow brick or I use #8 screen wire over my crown/inner cover hole.

For me … It allows little bit of ventilation but keeps the creative wax work out of the top attic.

Ta ta,


Thank you for all the helpful advice. The only thing o haven’t done is cover the top so they can’t build in there, which I’m be doing soon now


Jerry… (Sniggering)… That red and brown lump with onions and ketchup… Is that what you use to block the hole in the inner cover??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It sure would stop me - in the bathroom for days! :smile: Just teasing you, love ya really! :wink:



You have me Rollin in my chair young lady ! Have a great week ahead ! Jerry

Vera (with lots of efforts) got out for fresh air n sunshine. I treated my bees, Vera watch for first time since almost Spring, n took notes for me. It was a great day !

Ta ta,