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How many brood boxes can i have before adding super


i’m sorry if this has been asked before, I’m new to this. I have a flow hive as do all of you i suspect. In the photos I see only one brood box then the flow super on top of that. Can I have 2 brood boxes then the flow super on top? Is there a reason why the photo’s show just one brood box or is it just for marketing?

I just wondered because if my hive were to grow and I can only have one brood box with the flow hive, I would need to buy more flow hives (that’s pricey)…I’m not looking to have more than two hives.

thanks in advance for your advice and help



Hi Kat,
Have a search through this section:


It is organized by location. You may find someone in your location who has answered how many brood boxes you need in your location.


Thanks Faroe,

I’ve actually watched one of your youtube clips on when to harvest your flow hive, and it answered my question in there :slight_smile:

Kind regards



If you are in Panorama, South Australia you only need one brood box and the Flow Super. When you come to begin a second hive you can save a lot of money by buying a standard Langstroth hive box, a base board and a migratory lid from a local bee gear supplier, assemble the box and paint the outside of the items yourself.