How many brood boxes, Ontario Canada

I live in southern Ontario Canada and am told i should have 2 brood boxes to over winter. Any comments appreciated.

General rule of thumb is see what other in your immediate area do. This, like many things to do with bees, is dependent on your climate.

Much of North America uses two brood boxes ; -)

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Just a thought here. There is a company I buy products from in Frankford, Ont called Natures Own Design or NOD for short. You could give them a call and see what they recommend. 613-398-8422

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yes thanks, got a hold of our local bee association.

thanks, will look NOD up.

Then I would plan on the equivalent to two ten frame deeps for the brood chamber. That’s 3 ten frame mediums, or 4 eight frame mediums or a little more than two eight frame deeps. Two eight frame deeps might do for Carniolans or Russians or Caucasians. Maybe even Buckfasts. Italians you might want to give them another box.


Thanks Michael . Great weekend in Lindsay Ontario at your workshop.