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New beekeeper/only one brood box? Alberta, Canada


I will be taking bee keeping courses in the next couple of weeks, but before then my question is: I bought a complete flow hive, this only came with one brood box, as I have been reading most people start theirs out with 2 brood boxes, and I cant seem to find out if one is fine, or what I do? I live in the northern hemisphere,in Alberta Canada. Thanks !!


I would default to whatever your local beekeepers are telling you is normal. If they all recommend running two brood boxes I would listen to them. You can buy a second box from bee thinking, they made the cedar boxes that came with the flow, or any 8 frame box will work as they are standard dimensions. You can add the second box later though as they will have a hard time heating and cooling 2 boxes straight away.


I’m in New Jersey and I use three eight frame deep brood boxes.


oh ok, thank you, just wasn’t sure if I could start with one then add a second later


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Normally start with one box then add another when it is full, but as @jape says, it depends how many bees you are putting in.


Start with one, when 80% drawn out, add another, and so forth and so on; although when bees move into a tree cavity the tree is not going to get bigger as the colony grows lol.


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Allow the first deep to fill with bees, comb, brood, pollen and honey before adding the second deep.


Welcome Tv,

I also live in the northern latitude but you have me beat as i live east of Seattle. We have completely different weather. Ours in marine n damp but much milder. I have family that live in SW Calgary.

As one or two have mentioned already it is best to check n follow the recommendations of beekeeper n club members in your region first. Less chance of problems. Get several ideas to get a general balance on how many brood box supers are wisest for the northern interior region.

Down here in the Puget Sound area n near the foothill of the Cascade Mtns we use double deep brood mostly. That gives us the right amount of brood n winter over honey amount for this temperate coastal region.

I’m sure the instructors will be more than happy to guide you at the local needs of how many but guessing two deeps. We do have a few older beeks switching over to double or triple medium as the normal 10 frames hives boxes can n will get HEAVY with either brood n stores/honey (near 60 to 80bs)… I helped work a bee yard in a active class this weekend. Those hive boxes were heavy for this 70 year old. You quickly learn to lift with care n properly or the back doesn’t last.
Your WRC Flow-hive has only 8 deeps so it will be near 60 lb if n when they get near full. Cedar hives are a bit lighter as well.

Good luck n enjoy,

. Here’s a couple pix’s from our bee yard class this weekend. . . Take care …


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With a nuc your time may be shortened to adding the box because they will be starting with stores, brood, and built comb. A package will be slower since they don’t have that advantage.