How much honey should I harvest from my Flow Hive?

In this livestream, Cedar addresses the important and sometimes tricky question of how much honey should you harvest from your hive!

The bees were a bit hungry at Flow Hive HQ, so Cedar just harvested half a frame of delicious honey. He fielded questions about condensation in the hive, the medicinal properties of honey and the difference between wax and propolis.

Here are some of the highlights on the timeline:

00:00 - Checking honey stores
05:24 - Condensation
08:02 - Flow Frame design + feeders
12:29 - Entrance reducer + storing Flow Frames
20:50 - Medicinal honey + Irish black bees
27:06 - Propolis & wax
31:18 - Honey flavour & multiple supers
39:28 - Moisture content + queen
42:13 - Finish harvest
49:14 - Getting bees

You can view the whole transcript for the livestream here.

How have you learnt to strike the balance between harvesting honey and leaving it for the bees? What does that balance look like for you and your bees?