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How much Money For Honey do you get?


How much money do you get per Jar of Honey?
What is the quantity per Jar?
What part of the world you in?


Well, it depends… :smile:

For friends and donation to our local food program, I get nothing. :blush:

If I am selling it, a jar of honey will be $10-12 for one pound (454 grams), depending on the size of my harvest. Comb honey $15 to $20 for a 12oz package, also depending on how much I have. These are pretty typical prices in my part of California, USA for raw unfiltered local honey.


Thanks Dawn,

This helps to understand how much Cash I can make from the excess honey, that is if there is any left.

I have a feeling the honey will be consumed by my immidate family and will have not have any extra for sale :wink:

Also I guess it makes a good gift that way saving me to spend on gifts :smile:


Phew …$8 per pound is the best I can hope for blossom honey


So about GBP 6.50? Not bad, just blame Mrs May for the pound-dollar exchange rate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What the market will stand.

What you get for honey will vary on a whole lot of things.

What blossom the nectar is collected from. eg Manuka honey sells for around $148 a kilo I have just read. In my area honey from Jarrah trees $28 per kilo, Marri $14 per kilo and Wildflower $8 per kilo.

Honey in economically poor counties honey is very very cheap. Affluent countries pay a lot more.

When there is a good harvest honey is cheaper than when there has been a poor harvest.

The answers to your questions have no meaning unless answered by producers in your region. Unless of course you want to migrate to where the best prices are found or export to the most lucrative market.



I’m selling mine in 500g plastic jars for $10 each



That make sense, there are variation in prices here in the UK as well, the most established beekeepers have a different price then those. I guess it is the demand they have produced on their Honey.

Some are selling their honey for £5 others for £9/11, therefore was curious to hear others were selling theirs at. I get your point.

One thing I have learnt since I started beekeeping is that you get a lot of syrups sold on the shelf as honey.


I am aiming for at least $15 per KG. My honey is totally worth it! Even at that price I feel like I am being robbed wheneever I sell a KG- though to be fair I did rob the bees… but then- they don’t have expenses like me… but then- they do work harder than me…

Apparently the wholesale rate for Honey in Australia is currently around $4 per KG.


:grinning: Yes your honey is totally worth it.

My plan is to only take the access honey and leave enough honey for the
bees for the winter. Though I do hope they have plenty of access :wink:


And I hope that you can access their excess!! :smile:


After making sure that the bees have a sufficient amount themselves, and the we have compensated our neighbours for their understanding attitude, I plan on selling a 500g jar for £10. Easy number to deal with and avoids issues with change if people pay cash. Any money we ‘profit’ from the bees will essentially go to recouping the cost of future maintenance and paying off the hive and set up costs. I haver just finished installing the hive this weekend and this year is the first time we have had bees so to be honest I will feel grateful if we just get a honey crop that we can try ourselves.


Much easier to deal with that number, I do not carry change at all.


We get $1 per 100 grams on the Sunshine coast Australia.


The cheapest honey in the main supermarkets is roughly A$10/kg, so I think it’s fair to charge $15/kg @Semaphore . There’s a specialist honey shop near me that sells it for a lot more than that.


My honey is so much better that that supermarket stuff too… however in Adelaide we have a venerable honey specialist store and all their honey is 10$ a kg- except for tassie leatherwood which commands a premium of 12.50.

Those guys really need to up their prices!


I’ve heard Jarrah honey is in very short supply this year (very low production) and it’s up to $60/kg.


For friends and family, we get $9 per pound.
For customers at our honey stand we get $9 per pound.
All other people can buy it for $9 per pound.


Basically you getting $9 per pound :slight_smile:


We gave all our comb honey from our recent harvest away to friends in small segments, byo packaging. I smoked the bees off it… Not wise, smokey honey. Everyone said they would like to buy some honey from us if we had any to sell. $15/kg is what we get it for from a guy at the markets. I googled it and found the most expensive at $8/300gm. Gumtree said up the road someone was selling at $10/kg. This is all for Marri honey like ours. I then looked into the price of packaging glass jars, 250ml or 400gm size varied from $1.50 to $2.50 ea per box of 12. This cost would need to be added to the price obviously explaining the $8/300gm as all kg prices were in plastic buckets. JeffHs byo container holds merit however ours would be small volume, share it around amounts.
Having a round monetary figure should also discussed, keep it note sized, I’m guessing Chilli gets a few $1 tips, wouldn’t happen here. :wink:
In reality we don’t really have enough to sell and I’d like to try mead but I’d also like to show it off.