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How to price Honey


I’ve just started selling my honey as we just have too much.
I priced it at $10 for a labelled 500g jar. A new jar.

After looking around more closely see honey is being sold on Gumtree for $10 p/kg and even less?
In the shops some nice looking honey is sold also for the same as mine.

Is mine too expensive?

Have mainly sold to a few shops and a bit privately


“Is mine too expensive?”. Probably not. It’s worth every penny you get for it. I sell mine for $5.50 - $5.90 a kilo on a byo container basis. I think I’m too cheap. However I normally price my honey at slightly above the wholesale price, which is around $5, last I heard.

I think one has to price his/her honey based on what volume one produces & what the market will pay & how much trouble one wants to go to in order to attain a higher price.


I would pay $20 per kg for yours, @JeffH. But then I know you would give me the “good stuff” and some friendship too. :smile:


A neighbour of ours is selling his honey for $10 for 375g in a nice glass jar through a local shop. In the shop next door you can get 1kg honey for $10 in a plastic tub. Our neighbours honey always sells out, so I guess it’s whatever the market will pay! Perhaps his honey tastes better, as we have mostly pure Marri up here, or perhaps people like the jar :slight_smile:


Wow Jeff, it would be worth the drive from Sydney to pick it up at that price. Mine is $10 for 400gm, our customers get a nice story, award winning honey and high quality glass jar in a pretty little paper bag… its all in the packaging. My honey came 2nd in the National Honey Show this week so I am pretty chuffed at the moment.


Jeff: your selling yourself short IMHO! Your prices are amazing- your customers are very lucky- I hope they know it?. There are fancy types of sugar that sell for that much at the supermarket. It is testimony to your efficiency as a beekeeper that you can afford to sell at those rates. I think $10 per kilo is pretty much the base standard for buying direct from a beekeeper in small quantities- that’s a price I see in a lot of places. Myself I am aiming to get at least $16 per kg. But then I don’t have thousands of kilos like you do. What I do have- I feel I would be being robbed to let it go for anything less… even though I can’t eat it all myself…

Looking into packaging it seems to be relatively expensive (90 cents for a 1 KG bucket)- and if you sell through a shop- they will want to add their mark-up (25-40%?)…

I plan to look into value adding as I start to produce more honey: selling comb honey- and maybe creamed honey. I also plan to market flow hive honey as ‘single hive’ honey with local pollen. There is a small market for people who believe that eating local unfiltered unheated honey is good for allergies as it contains pollen from local plants and gives you some kind of boosted immune response… The jury is out on if that’s actually true- but I have already been asked by several locals if I can supply such honey- and I will. I won’t make any claims about its effectiveness- but I can guarantee where it came from and how it was produced. One advantage of Flow frames is you can more easily keep honey from different apiaries and hives seperate. The placebo affect alone will be well worth the premium…


It’s funny, a lady just walked out the door with her honey, she said “your honey is still reasonably priced”. I had a little chuckle to myself. I think the word “reasonable” infers that it’s somewhere in the middle. Correct me if I’m wrong.

One bloke told me my honey was too cheap, he’d be happy to pay a dollar more:) I thought “a dollar”. Here’s Rodd selling his for $25 a kilo & others for $20 a kilo.

There’s a saying in share trading “leave something for the next guy”. Maybe I do a bit of that.


Dawn I have another funny story. A lady came last week that we haven’t seen for a while, to buy some bulk honey. I filled her first bucket, then told her that the price has probably gone up since last time she was here. I told her it was $5.50 a kilo now, not $5 like last time. You should have seen the look of horror on her face, it was like her whole world fell apart. I didn’t say another word, I just looked at the bucket & waited for her response. She came good after a few moments. She finished up getting $200 worth, it’s just that she got less honey for her $200 than last time.


And what was she planning to do with her 36 kilo’s of honey @JeffH ? Sell it for $20 a kilo I wonder.


I have decided to sell at $10/kg plus triple the packaging cost. Works out $8 for a 500g plastic jar $14 for a/1kg tub.
Used to carry a bit of honey in our shop from a beek who had hives on our farm, had no trouble selling at exactly those prices.
My first year and only had one small harvest so far, after supplying family and friends only had a little left that went into very nice 300g glass jars that I had sitting around. Given the jars cost $2 each I put $7.50 on them and sat the 6 jars in the shop. Gone within a day and a couple of the buyers asked with in a week when more would be available.


I have relatives interested in buying some honey & possibly eventually bees. They are on the North Shore. I saw pics of your market stall & wondered when & where, your creamed honey looked amazing & I’m hoping they can pick some up for me too!


This is what mine looks like.


Hi Kirsten, sure. Our market is every Sunday at Wellington Rd Community Centre East Lindfield, the next market is 16 April on the Easter Long Weekend. We managed a second prize for our honey at the Royal Easter Show this week and a Champion Sash for best candles in the show so we are pretty chuffed. I entered some Flow hive honey too but alas… not this year.


One could go further and label ‘one frame honey’. But not many would know what I that means.


Jeff ur honey is some of the best myself and family have ever tasted (knowing you and Wilma personally may bias my opinion lol) we found some in the back of the cupboard from a fellow who keeps his bees at Beerwah on a mates farm and it used to be lovely but after having eaten urs for a few years his was barely edible.

I feel ur honey is worth more but prolly shouldnt say that till after we come up again for our next order lol


You could definitely label the one hive honey with the month that the frame was harvested.


Many thanks, you’ve got me scratching my head now. Is that Brett??


On the label I have a few blank white spots, which allows me to put batch number, date and net weight.


yes Jeff,

Brett and Cathy with the natives


Hi, is anyone selling Flow Honey around the Eastern suburbs, Redfern area in Sydney, I have a friend in that area after Flow Honey, thanks.