How to change your profile details - add your location so that it helps others with specific beekeeping advice :)

Beekeeping is region specific. And the Flow community is located worldwide :slight_smile:

:honeybee: We have newbees and oldbees everywhere from New Zealand to Alaska and everywhere in-between. So in winter, what works in the freezing -30’s of Canada won’t necessarily work from someone in Arizona with mid 20’s.

Please add your location to your profile so that when you ask a question or post advice other forum members can see where you are in the world.

It is also nice to add your location to your topic heading, e.g. “Winter advice
Palermo, Sicilia, Italia” or in the body of your topic so other people can easily find the information when they do a search.
You can also be less specific if you are worried about privacy, e.g. “Winter advice, Sicilia, Italia”


In order to change your profile details, you need to go to your profile preferences.

The easy way is to enter your forum username below where it says YOURNAME in bold, and cut and paste into a new tab in your browser:


Click on your profile image in the top right-hand corner of the page.

forum preferences

  • Select the round wheel to go into your preferences
  • Add your picture
  • Some info about yourself

Click on “Profile” on the left-hand side of the window to edit more information:

  • About me information
  • Location
  • Your website

If you have any problems updating your account information - please PM a moderator or email Customer Support



Hi @Gerald_Nickel does this post above help?
Let me know if it is not detailed enough :slight_smile:

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Must have been clear enough for an old man :grinning: as I was able to add n complete the process. Thankz n have a great weekend !

Cheers, Jerry

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great :grinning: