Suggestion For All on this Forum

I really enjoy reading the issues that Flow Hive owners are concerned about on this Forum. The Flow community is a truly international community. It is precisely for that reason that I wish I knew where the participants were from.

I think it would be very instructive to understand what issues are regional, national, or continental in scope. A way for each contributor to identify their home country in their comments would be very helpful.


Thanks for your continuing support Robert, I’ll flag this post to the Flow team as a suggestions for any future releases of the forum software.

Hi Robert, how did I know your name was Robert? I clicked on your logo. We can put all the information about ourselves in the place where your name appears. That’s what I did. If you put too much information on there, it just wont appear.

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Its a very good point thanks Jeff, the locality is there, just fill in the details. Unfortunately we can’t force people to declare where they are located.

A request has been put in to show location below profile picture but no update on when it might get implemented.

Hi Rod, maybe when people read this thread, they might add those details to their profile. The hardest thing I found was how to do it. I got there in the end.

Easiest way to update this field is to click once on your avatar in the top right hand corner of the page.

then fill in the location field a little way down in this section.


Hi, at this stage there is no software being implemented to have location displayed more obviously.
If there is a thread, a city, state, country can be added pretty quickly. Especially by the initial poster, so we know where they are.

I Like it. I hope others find this helpful. Learning that Australia is varroa free makes me desire to know the secret if there is one other than being an isolated continent with strict import regs.


Are you implying that someone in Siberia may need to keep bees differently than someone in Mexico? lol

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Yes, we are just very very lucky not to have varroa… it is on our doorstep and every now and again a container ship will bring in Apis Cerana which is the host for other varroa (jacobsonii) …

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I am so new to beekeeping that I do not know the answer to that. But it seems logical that what may be an issue in one part of the world and is posted about on the forum may or may not have applicability to my part of the world. My background is medicine and different world populations of humans have varying medical issues. Therefore, at least to my way of thinking knowing where the poster is from when describing their issue would be helpful.

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@omnibees, Over here in the West we don’t have hive beetles either :+1:

But seriously what is everyone’s problem with putting their location on their profile???

I know right? It’s not like I haven’t already hacked everyone’s IP addresses and know exactly where you all live anyway heh heh heh… j/k

VPN to the rescue!!! :smiling_imp:

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Discourse is still working on custom fields for the profile flyout, but if you click on my avatar and look at the flyout you will see I have updated my location to read San Francisco / One Hive.

I am still trying to figure out if there is any likelihood that they will build a mod that adds this info beneath the avatar.

But this is a pretty good work around in the mean time!

We must not loose sight of the bigger picture, we’re beeks, not geeks ! So lets just get on with beekeeing and leave the computer stuff for the nerds.

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I am a proud geek beek! So there!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, geek or beek or both, you can get in your profile settings and add how many hives you have after the location data you are currently showing, if you so desire ; -)

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