Bugs, Problems and Questions about the Forum

Dear Flow Hive Team,

FAQs. Not FAQ’s. Please fix. This is in the black bar at the top of the page: Honeyflow.com | FAQ’s | Community


Thanks for your attention to the little details.
It is greatly appreciated having others help to keep the forum looking good. Feel free to PM me if you notice any other issues.

As you use the forum, get likes from people, post more discussions and help others out you will automatically be “promoted” giving you access to change more aspects of the forum.

Great to have you here and thanks for your input.

Right at the beginning I read a post that had some instructions on how the forum works but now I can not find that again.
Can someone point me in the right direction please :smile:


Or here is the other one. It should be in your messages.
I’ll have a look at adding it to the welcome page to make it easier to get back to.

Jake that last link doesn’t work ???

This is the one :slight_smile: thanks @Jake
it’s in my messages - the one place I didn’t look for it

Thanks. The link should work for everyone now.
I also added the same message to the bottom of the main welcome message it may be easier for people to come back to.

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Just a small suggestion, that I feel, will make the Forum much more helpful…

Can you please add the subscriber’s location, next to their site name, in messages e.g. Jake, Australia.

I feel this will help as e.g., when someone mentions something is best carried out in August and they are in UK, it is applicable at a different time here in Australia.

What do others think?


Yes. Location would be most helpful. Not only do you have reversed seasons in Australia from where I am, but you have people in warm climates vs cold climates and advice needs to be adjusted…

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Yes I agree, I’ve been in contact with the software developers, hopefully we can convince @codinghorror or @neil to take a look into it. I’m guessing the more people who ask for it the more likely it will be for them to add the feature. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great idea, I put my location on my profile a couple of minutes ago.

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