How to clean flow hive frames

Hello, can anyone assist me with how to clean the flow hive frames? Thank you very much!

If you you use the search tool (magnifying glass top of the page) and enter clean Flow, you will get a load of results, including this one:


I saw a chap on YouTube cleaning his plastic foundation by soaking them in a solution of bleach, soda crystals and dish washing liquid then power washing them. I did that to 4 sets of second hand frames I’d bought that were pretty badly coated in mouldy old wax and they came out pretty clean.

When I bought my first 2 second hand hives I actually stripped each frame down and washed each plastic strip individually with a nail brush which took a long time and a lot of elbow grease. Power washing was much quicker and easier, I would just caution my power washer is not that powerful so bare that in mind. I have done some screenshots of the video I made cleaning them.

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Thank you very much! And thank you for the location on how to search. Much appreciated

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