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How to enter the photo competition


Note about the Photo contest … Oooooh … Curious… I was hoping to enter that Flow-photo contest … Maybe I’m not technical enough or. Either can’t figure it out or my I-phone just isn’t compatible. Maybe I’m just to old :smile:… That’s pretty close to right I guessing… Sure love the great pix’s entered so far. Actually … I’m guess those need another flow a lot more than I… I’d probably give a lot of the suit n stuff the a local beek anyway. I just like the challenge. Am I the only dumbbell with not a clue I’m not doing correct. Oooooh well …, got to move on now !

Ta Ta,


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Hi gerald,
What are the issues you are having? Follow the link from your email then -

  • click on “submit an original photo or video showing how you Bee Creative”

  • List item

“Submit an original youtube video showing how you Bee Creative”

  • List item

You then upload your photo from instagram, Faceook, Twitter or your computer.

I’m not sure if you can do this from your phone…

p.s. don’t worry about not entering because you already have a Flow Hive. As you said you can give it to a friend, community garden etc., or you can build your collection.
I think you would be a deserving winner :wink:
But it’s based on points - so get your entry in soon so people can vote for your photo :slight_smile: :bee: