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Personal information - Look after your details


OK Folks just like any other internet site you need to protect personal information - please don’t put addresses, phone numbers and personal information where everyone can see it.

PM (Personal Messenger) the person by selecting their name and then the envelope symbol - I know it sounds obvious, but we need to keep ourselves safe from being exploited.

1:10 people on the internet are axe murderers - or so my husband would lead me to believe, I have been lucky and met really nice people, but you don’t know that person - only what they tell you - just be careful out there :bee: :wink:

You can add more people to the conversation if need be, just look on the address line after you select the first name

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Good God! That means there are 700 million axe murders wandering around! It’s amazing we get anything done without getting disemboweled lol.

But seriously good advice, and the only common thing about common sense is that it is uncommon…


The population of axe murderers has declined, They are “virtually” imprisoned behind their computers. The only thing being killed off is the English language and pillage of fact for fiction.

My surname is old English for Cautious - I blame the husband LOL


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Actually Stephen - I’m part Chinese!


I am a Chinese in Hong Kong


hi im diana from Indonesia


I share your concern for the Amazing Rich English Language. I find I have to cut back on my vocabulary in most everday communications because most people don’t appreciate a wide vocabulary.
This my first post as I just signed up minutes ago

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