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How to get rid of hive beetles in flow super

I have found hive beetles in the top of my flow super what is the best way to get rid of them.

Squash them?
Would the bees have chased them up there?

Squash them is all I do. Yes the bees chase them incessantly until they find somewhere to hide. Then the bees propolize them in. You can use all sorts of traps to catch them. I don’t use any.

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How many beetles are we talking about here? A couple of beetles (not worth worrying about), a dozen beetles (still not worth worrying about but keep your hive strong and squash regularly), at 2 x dozen beetles (I would start using traps like chux cloth, silver bullets between the frames), pop the lid weekly, squash every beetle and then give the hive a good inspection, this will chase the beetles down to the corflute upon which you remove and then squash every one.