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How to price Honey


Hi Bruce, I do have Flow honey for sale on the North Shore of Sydney however I work in the city if they are willing to make a short trip. Point them to www.twocreekshoney.com.au or facebook.com/twocreekshoney as there’s lots of info on honey and other bee products there. I sold out 2 weeks ago but am about to drain the hive again in the next few days… been a bumper season for bees here.


Thanks mate, have passed on your website details.


yes mate its Brett, from down caboolture way.


Well done Brett, it was good to catch up on the weekend, cheers


Hi @onehivehoney

Where do you get your labels from? Are they expensive?



I did the artwork myself using photoshop.
Thats where a lot of the cost will come in.
did a B&W print to the size to make sure it fit then ordered them online.
The company has since gone offline (bankrupt) but I got 1000 made so should be OK till next time.
I think I may have paid 35cents each for them.