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How to spend the off season. Building!


10 deeps, 20 mediums :grin:


Someone has some ambitious plans :+1:


Wow, you remind me of me nearly 30 years ago:) The big mistake I made was not treating them before painting.


I see your not-so-subtle hint there @JeffH !


I can see that you haven’t started painting yet, who knows you might be going to treat anyway. However that WAS my big mistake, not treating. I urge new beekeepers I come in contact with to treat before painting. What they do after that is up to them. They can’t say they weren’t warned.

PS @Bobby_Thanepohn, did you manage to get #9 & #10 up there without a stool? I can manage 8.


@JeffH I’m. 6 feet 3 inches tall :slightly_smiling_face:.


Yes well that certainly helps:) Handy for stacking deep boxes 10 high. Not so handy for long haul flights. I’m 6’1", I struggle on long haul flights.


Nice work @Bobby_Thanepohn!

Hiya @JeffH - can you please tell me more about your recommendation to treat before painting, if there’s something aside from what I call ‘priming’ that you’re referring to?


@JeffH I am too intrgued. What are you treating with before you paint?


Don’t know what @JeffH uses but Copper Naphtenate is what the exterior of most of my equipment is treated with before painting.
I use an exterior latex primer/paint combination after that.


Here is a product that I found that might be worth a look!



Hi Eva, Bobby & John @John_Yeager, it’s copper naphthenate that I use. I soak everything in it overnight or about 6 hours & then let it air dry for a month before painting. I mix it with turps, about 20% copper n. & 80% turps. The turps helps in soaking the copper n. right into the wood.

Some folks paint it on but I prefer the soak method.