I have a Classic 6 Frame Flow hive and want to get an additional brood box for it here in the UK. WHat size do I need to buy to match up perfectly with the Flow hive?

I follow your expert advice and anxiously:relieved: await my 7 frame med brood box addition

Thank you I had to buy bees and they are in a med frame box. I purchased them actually from my college bee instructor so the 2 brood boxes I believe is acceptable practice. I am just unable to use the brood box which came with my flow hive as they are med frame and it is deep frame. I was asking as bee people are not familiar with flow hive but I see photos now here on this site with several brood boxes with a flow hive. So thanks for your response. I have learned that I will need to wait to allow the bees to grow into the flow hive brood box and them remove the med brood box the bees came in. Basically a step I am learning how to do. I had thought he was somehow loading the bees into my brood box, So new and so green. :alien:


I’m not sure if this will help, but another forum member converted national (UK) standard frames to the Langstroth frames - could be worth a look, and maybe inspire a bit of creative modification ideas for the medium frames you have - Managed to adapt UK national frame to langstroth in 1 minute

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