Need to purchase a second brood box

I live in Michigan in the USA. Cold winter climate. I need to order a second brood box. How do I go about it? Thank you

You can get one here:

or here (free shipping):

I have several deeps from Bee Thinking, and they are a perfect match for the Flow hive. :wink: Don’t forget to order some frames too if you don’t have any spare ones.

Maybe it is a good thing to have a second option with the Flow store then. Their box with frames is cheaper too! :smile: On the other hand, I haven’t looked at what they want for shipping, that might make a big difference.

Of course, if you really need something fast, Mann Lake is always very quick - usually less than a week for me. The size will be fine if you choose an 8-frame Langstroth, but they don’t have Western Red Cedar, so the wood will not match. I like having extra boxes around, so I would probably do it anyway.

Agree, they have free shipping, they did tell me they are running late. I am not in a rush right now so, I am good but if your needing something soon HMMMM. Also, with flow and beethinking the boxes are the same size if you let beethinking know your running a flow hive. Only off by 1/8" inch or so, still makes a difference to picky people like me :slight_smile:


Waiting for mine from BEE Thinking as Flow does not carry the med. Of course not FREE Shipping from anyone ever to Hawaii :). They put together orders from secondary suppliers I believe. They were responsive and friendly mine should BEE here this week shipped 4 days after I ordered.

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Are you saying that size really does matter??? :blush: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you everyone for assistance and insight into the options available.

Aloha Dawn
I’m in need of a brood box
Do you highly recomend bee thinking over others
They seems to be 2 - 3x price?

I answered on the other thread where you asked this. Yes I do, I will not buy any hive parts which are not Western Red Cedar (WRC), unless there is no alternative. For example my slatted rack is cypress, but Bee Thinking doesn’t make one. When I am lifting a full hive body, I want the wood to weigh as little as possible, and the WRC weighs 2/3 as much as pine or cypress. Also, my climate is warm, humid and full of wood eating insects (coastal southern California), so with the WRC, I think I will get 3 times the life of pine. Just my opinion. If you are a commercial beekeeper, you will go with pine, but as a hobbyist, I think WRC is the best choice for me.

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agree with the Western red Cedar, that is what the flow frames are made up so it will all match and holdup to the same level. Good bad or indifferent. Additionally one big factor is a standard box not from flow frame or from be thinking has ever so slightly a dimensional difference, If that makes a difference, it does to me

@Cowgirl Sorry for the delays. We’ve had a hard time keeping up with our own orders this year + the demand of Flow. We’ve just built out our production capabilities significantly, so we expect to reduce the delays going forward, ideally shipping within days throughout most of the season!

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beethinking you folks rocked to get me my box in a timely manner.