I really messed up, please help!

So I really messed up. Last week I found a qt of honey that I had stashed and totally forgot.

I was excited even if it was crystalized. I put the honey my veggie steamer (pot with anothet pot that goes on top with holes in the bottom)

After awhile most of it went back to liquid, but I noticed last night there was still crystalization at the top. I opend it and stirred it.
Then this morning I put a little water in the pot, and put the honey back in and put it on low.

Well I starting getting ready for work, forgot about it and when I came back the pot was dry. I was afraid the glass would shatter, so I poured hot tap water in the pot and guess what happened? The glass shattered.

Is this salvageable or am I basically screwed?

Of its salvageable how do I get the water out and is it worth it!?

I wouldn’t risk using it or trying to retrieve it. Glass can shatter into very tiny pieces, so even if you strain it, there may still be glass fragments in it. You could consider heating it and running it through a coffee filter. Providing the coffee filter doesn’t get holes in it, it should be fine enough to keep the glass out. The only problems are that the honey will be diluted by the water, and dilute honey has a tendency to ferment.

If it was me, I would discard it, but I am very cautious by nature! :wink:

By the way for next time, the way I liquify a jar of crystallized honey is to preheat the oven to 150°F. I loosen the lid and place the jar on a sheet pan. I then put that into the oven after turning the heat off. Usually around 4 hours later or so, it has mostly dissolved. Of course, you have to check the oven before you turn it on for pizza at 450°F, or you will have the same problem all over again! :blush:


I like @Dawn_SD’s suggestion of the coffee strainer. You can use the finished product in a number of ways. Feed it back to the bees, in drinks or cooking. Store it in the freezer if you’re not going to use it straight away.

PS @Birosm I’ll share my strategy for helping me not to forget. We have a hey-google pod. I set the alarm for whatever time I want. I use it every day, multiple times, especially when I’m processing wax, or I have something on the stove. I also use it to remind me of something the following day.


Thanks to everyone that replied, I really appreciate your input!