I think my flow frames are open but they look closed when I view them

These look open to me because the honey seems to be dropping to the bottom. But when I installed them I turned the key until they looked closed into hexagons. When I look at other sample pictures the circle spot area looks “clean” and the frames are full. Does this mean I need to use the key and adjust?

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Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

It looks to me like the exit from the Flow drainage channel (just behind the tube cover caps) is blocked. When bees start filling the frames with unripe honey, it is very liquid. If they have not sealed the plastic cells fully, some will leak down. This is very common.

If you pull off the Flow tube cap, you should be able to see a slight gap just behind it. This is a “leak back” gap, which the bees can use to recycle the unripe honey and process it more. They often block the gap with wax or propolis. You can sometimes clear it by rotating the cap repeatedly to break the seal that they have made. Failing that, I use a cocktail stick and gently poke it into the bottom area just behind the cap. You can also put a Flow Tube into the channel and twist it side to side a little to dislodge the bees’ seal. That should solve your problem. :wink:

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That’s not an unusual sight - as @Dawn_SD said, clearing the leak back point by turning the caps or inserting a flow tube will drain the collection channel.

If the caps that go on the key channel went on correctly then the frames should be closed. But you could insert a key into the top slot to be sure, if it makes you feel better.