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Leaking flow frames

Hi Flow brainstrust,

My 3 hives are all going gangbusters and bringing in a load of nectar. In checking one of the supers tonight quickly, I saw this…

Now, I know all the frames were in the closed position, and I’ve read a few threads on here saying the bees may not have sealed the cells properly as this is the first time they’ve filled them.

But should I pull them out and drain the liquid assuming it’s still high in water content?!

Hey Rob,
Assuming the frame wires are tensioned up enough, I would take the plugs out, insert the tube and allow it to drain and perhaps use the L tool to push a cloth up the channel to dry it as much as possible to prevent fermentation if it’s “wet” honey. The cells that leaked will probably be cleaned up and better sealed before refilling. I don’t think you need to remove the frames to do this, though it wouldn’t hurt to inspect them for wire tension and see how well the bees have waxed the cells.


What I would do is extract the honey and feed it back to the bees Robert, and hopefully the bees will do a better job of sealing up the cells this time. This happens more the first time a frame is put on a hive, maybe they are rushing to put the frame to use.
You might be able to put the honey in the fridge and use it for personal use but it may have enough water content and ferment on you.
When you have extracted close and open the frame several times and only put the plug in when the tube stops dripping, and make sure the ‘feed back’ slot is free of any wax or propolis.
Cheers Robert


How’s the weather been where you are Rob? Just curious if high heat has anything to do with it.

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Thanks everyone, ok… extracted, wiped the tubes with a cloth on the flow key and will.see how we go.

@Eva it’s started getting warmer on same days but nothing extreme yet

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Hey Rob, it happens from time to time I just let the built up honey drain into the hive before it builds up too much. I also clean the plug so that it can drain easily and fit it loosely. Prior to extracting if there has been a build up I do some cleaning. I have a cut down drain tube, insert it and use a long bottle brush dipping in hot water and cleaning the whole drain area. The water drains out through the cut down tube rather than into the brood box. This removes any fermented honey.
There are some pics on this forum. Good luck.