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Identification required please


We’re currently dealing with a small hive beetle issue with some garden lime on the base board. Have also ordered a trap to place inside the hive.

Whilst checking the base board I came across this little critter. Does anyone know what it is?

Is it harmful and how can it be controlled?


That is an Earwig. Not harmful to bees at all.

I have plenty in the compost bins.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they are full of protein & one of the insects future generations will be eating as a staple.

I watched an episode of The Americas with Simon Reeve last night. He tucked into a feed of fried crickets in Mexico. He reckoned they were beautiful & crunchy.

I have a recipe for cockroaches if interested. You eat them like artichoke leaves - hold them by the wings from the back, put it head first between your teeth without biting, then pull and scrape all the “protein” with your bottom incisors. Yum…

It sounds interesting & yummy Olly, however I’d feel guilty eating them while my butcher bird friends miss out. They really enjoy them.

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