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Identify the plant


I thought it was Adam Ant…


App is “Garden Answers” but it takes 7.1 or later. I’m still old school


The bees were all over this in the Perth hills this morning… any idea what it is?


That’s a really lovely shrub @Dunc. I don’t know what it is but I have a feeling it has a nice scent…reminds me a little of photinia, but the leaves aren’t quite right for it.


I agree, it does have a nice scent.


Looks like Jasmine variety … Leaves. buds, flower clusters n flowers look correct to me. If it has a very sweet fragrance it’s got to be some variety of the JAS ! Flowers are a bit waxy in texture.

I have two of the vine variety next to my small waterfall n pond for me bees.

See if I’m correct,


Yah ! I see this blue lupine variety in the mild to upper slopes of the Cascade Mtns n eastern pine country east of our Cascade Mtns here. In Texas they call it Blue Bonnets… New Zealand I know has the larger variety in many colors too.



Any body know what this is coming out the middle of a palm


Looks like a cross between a pineapple and a slinky


Would you call it a plinky, or a slinkapple?


Im not game to taste it for you


I wonder because of it’s similarity to a pineapple if it’s a bromeliad rather than a palm? Apparently, based on a quick search, pineapples are a cluster of berries with each segment being a flower/berry.


could be there heaps of bromeliads near it but its definitely coming out of the middle of spiky palm frongs. I will check google now


That’s one strange plant ! Looks like an over sized pine cone. But wayyyyy too huge for that !


I read The Telegraph UK, and found this
Hopeful this will helps you :slight_smile:

Apps to identify unknown plants and flowers


Late reply but it was the flower & fruiting body of the plant, it’s in the cycad family.


Gerald it’s a Gardenia. Not sure which one without leaf & form.


It looks elegant but scary…


Any ideas? Started growing under a small cedar bush in my front yard. You can sort of see the leaves of the plant near the ground in the picture. Almost clover like.


Aquilegia, aka Colombine or Granny’s Bonnet. :wink: