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Identify the plant


I for one am not great at identifying plants. I find it particularly difficult living in Australia having grown up in the UK.

The idea is to post a pic of a plant so that others can have a go at identifying it. The reasons i can think of posting are:
i) you want to know what a plant is
ii) you or your bees love a particular plant and want everyone to know
iii) you already know what it is but want to stump everyone else
iv) another reason that i’ve not thought of.

I’ll start it off…


The bees were loving this plant in a park in West Perth this week. What is it?


There’s an app that allows you to focus your camera phone on the plant and it will identify it for you…or at least try.


Where’s the fun in that! Only joking. I’ve found it and will give it a go.


Looks a bit like Indian Hawthorn to me. Was it a shrub? This is the right time of the season for it to flower too.


What is the name of the app?


The app is called “Garden”


I’m pretty clueless about Australian plants & trees but to me that looks like it’s in the rose family


From other photos on the web… Indian hawthorn is right. Full points to @Dawn_SD.

Apparently some varieties have edible berries that are good in jam making.


Those nice berries would be rose hips :wink:

Indian Hawthorne belongs to the family Rosacea :rose:


Thanks for the likes…but c’mon, no points?! :nerd_face:


@Eva the early bee gets the nectar :wink:

Try this weed instead.


Too easy @Dunc, An introduced species here called Pattersoms Curse. Echium plantagineum.


We call them lupines here


Patersons Curse has a different leaf and looks like this…at least in South Australia…:slight_smile:


Lupine! Just ask this guy


Congratulations @Eva, you’ve got your points!

Who’s the highway man?


That’s Dennis Moore - old Monty Python skit.


Just a flesh wound then? :smile:


hope the link works. Lots to learn from our friends in the Flying Circus :upside_down_face::evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::palm_tree:

Apologies in advance if you get the same ad I did (- but there’s a lovely irony there too, wonder if intentional on YouTube’s part…)