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Identify the plant


Looks like some type of Cycad.



Do you know what plant is this?


Looks like a bottle brush plant, aka Callistemon:


It is similar to the Tea Tree plant!


Not to my Tea Tree plants, but maybe you have something different in mind.


This is a Melaleuca (Tea Tree) plant.


The photo that I posted is a Leptospermum (Tea Tree) plant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahahah I don’t know! I guess there are a lot of species around…


It could be 1 of 3 possible possible types:

  1. Melaleuca
  2. Kunzea
  3. Callistemon

I’m inclined to think it is either #2 or #3 based on the flower. It doesn’t seem likely to be a tea tree.


Hi Luca, be careful with the term Tea Tree, coastal tea tree in Australia is leptospermum which is a species of Manuka… the photos you have posted look to me like Bottlebrush (callistemon) and Paperbark (Melaleuca). They are all VERY different species.


Hi! After some researches I’m pretty sure it is a Callistemon!


Told ya so! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sunglasses:


Got to correct you Luca, it is the common white Callistemon, they are native on the East Coast of Australia but wide spread.



All I do know … those sure are pretty n they don’t grow up here anywhere ! Our big blackberries are now starting to bloom ! Just saw the very first white blooms down in the warm valley getting heat off the freeway cement surface. I guess we’ll be seeing the first up here 500 to 600’ higher n in the bit cooler foothills. I estimate the 1st of June my hives needed to be ready.

I’m balancing them out by adding extra older n newer capped brood where needed. I guess we’ll see if I planned n worked it out okay in a week or so which will be about beginning of our big forage up here.

Got to go for a walk now,



Just adding to the much posted thread.
The pic @Luca is definitely a Callistemon. Almost certainly a hybrid of the 25 or so named species, 2 of which come from Western Australia and the rest from the Eastern States. You need to be a real expert in Callistemon to be sure exactly which one, as they hybridize so easily and get flogged by the nurseries under literally hundreds of different names .
The flower of Kunzea baxteri is very similar to some Callistemons but look at the leaves in the pic below.
The leaves are totally different as is the leaves of the Melaleuca.
Your pic of the Melaleuca referred to as the tea tree plant is Melaleuca alternifolia. It is not a Callistemon and is so named because almost all the tea tree oil comes from this plant.
As @Dawn_SD said “tea tree” is used to refer to a lot a quite different plants. However if in doubt about the flowers of the Callistemon, Kunzea or Melaleuca look at the leaves.


First post, so please be gentle :blush:

Am beekeeping for all of 10 days now and all so exciting and new, and have certainly begun taking an interest in all things flowering at present! Our bees are enjoying this 3-4m high and broad bushy flowering shrub that is in my backyard at the moment and I have no idea what it is. (is it an orange blossom?)
Can anyone out there in the borg have an idea?

I hope that I have uploaded my pic correctly, would love to know what my shrub is exactly as it flowers most of the year.!



Hi @MarkD , welcome to the forum and beekeeping its a great hobby and you will get lots of good advice from the fellow beeks here.

I think the photos show a bridal jasmine or Madagascar Jasmine maybe?


I agree with @liteceeper that it is a Jasmin, especially if it has a sweat scent. Seeing bees are interested in it eliminates a Gardenia of some sort.
Welcome to the forum, it is a bit quiet at the moment with the silly season but you will find a lot of help and advise here.


My plant id app says Orange Jasmine, I’ve got the same plant next door and quite a few around the neighbourhood, very strong scent.


Thankyou gents! :smiley:
It does have a very fruity scent indeed, I always thought that Jasmine was bad for bees/honey. But I stand corrected. gladly so!

Much appreciated to all for your help and knowledge