Information about the honey flow honey - Marcerata, Italy

hi i am from italy , macerata , region marche, i want some information.
1 there are customers in italy that have flow method home bees?
2there are sellers of this new home for bees in italy, if you where,you have contacts? thank you ,one expert here in region marche says it s not relizable this home flow honey,

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Hi Fabrizio - welcome to the forum! I’m a second year home beekeeper in Pennsylvania USA. I have a Flow frame setup and am starting two new colonies this spring.

The only part of your post I can try to help with is [quote=“Fabrizio_Ferlito, post:1, topic:10951”]
one expert here in region marche says it s not relizable this home flow honey

Many experienced beekeepers around the world regard the Flow system with doubt, and have tried to discourage new beekeepers from trying it. But there are many open-minded experienced beekeepers too, quite a few on this forum. It’s too bad your local expert seems to have a negative attitude. The Flow frames are really just a different way to extract honey, and all the rest of the things a beekeeper does would be the same as with any other type of hive. If you can persuade him/her to advise you on all the other important aspects of beekeeping, and look to this forum for tips on using the Flow system to harvest honey, you could definitely be successful as a home beekeeper.

good morning have you your video about your flow honeay?
which coast of all home bees?

Hi @Fabrizio_Ferlito - sorry it took me so long to see your question. If you type @Eva, or whomever else, I/they will be notified instantly.

I am not very good at shooting videos so I don’t have any to share. But there are some other beekeepers here who post great videos on this forum and also on YouTube, like @Bobby_Thanepohn, @JeffH and @VinoFarm.

My answer to “which coast” is East coast region of the US, even though Pennsylvania is a bit inland from the actual coast. If you meant “how much money did the bees cost” then I paid $125 US dollars for each nucleus colony I bought this year. Just trying to catch your meaning and I admire anyone who is willing to participate in a social setting where most use a foreign language to your own!

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