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Inner cover :) ..

Hi I am from tassie I got a hive from flow I only got a 3 key one I had some new old boxes around I have a question for everyone I brought a gable roof and everyone is talking about a inner cover/ hive mat does one know or have plans or photos to show how to build one ta

At a pinch, you can cut a piece of plywood to the same dimensions as your bee boxes. A commercially made inner cover just has a frame around the edge of it, to give standard bee space above the top frames.

For a hive mat, go to a flooring shop and ask if they have any leftover cuts of vinyl flooring - they type of stuff they put down in hospitals and kitchens. Then just cut it to size and lay it across the top of the frames. However, if you have a gabled roof, and that roof has an “attic”, I think you would be better off with the plywood concept. Otherwise you might get quite a bit of crazy comb built in the attic space.

Hi there. My inner cover is just poly foam from a veggie box (about 2cm thick). I cut the two sides out and fit them snug under the gable roof. I have also used roofing silicone and run a bead on the outside along each roof joint to make it waterproof.

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Hey Schnucki- how is you horizontal hive coming along? Do you have bees in it yet?

I am about to put mine together- I have all the parts cut, my stainless screen mesh and all the other bits and pieces ready to make 3.

Hey Semephore, got a 10 frame nuc installed on the weekend, ready to add more frames. Very happy and the bees are too. First morning, just found about a dozen dead bees between the ceiling and roof cavity space - looks like the bee escapes on the side did not do their job too well. Other than that hickup, all is well.

Wow- exciting, eh? And who said who needs a window on the frame end side?? That’s a great view in.

Shame to hear about you bee-escapes: to put it in context - the other day we squashed maybe 20 bees pulling a super off the brood box to do an inspection. Stupidly I put the inner cover down upside down- and placed the flow super on it- when I replaced the super the inner cover had become stuck with propolis to the bottom of it- I only noticed after putting it back- and then had to repeat the entire process. This caused deeply regrettable squashage. The flow super was so heavy- the bees are filling it fast. You won’t be having any debacles like that with the long hive at inspection time…

did you use those small conical type bee escapes? That’s what I have got ready for mine. Shame if they are not too effective.

Yeah, I used the conicle type bee escapes. Will do a full inspection on my hive this Sunday, would not be surprised if I am able to put my flow supers on next week - have them waxed and ready to go. The bees are bringing the nectar in to the hive by the bucket load at present while we are having great weather.

Do you recommend putting the brood box :package: first to fill then the supers (flow) I have an old hive I want to transfer the bees :honeybee: too

Yes, fill the brood box to at least 80% full b4 adding the super

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