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Installed Frames from nuc in wrong order


I fear that I may have missed the order of frames into the new hive and worry what will happen now if that is the case. The 5 frames nuc appeared to be in great shape with loads of bees on each frame but it came with the Queen supposedly already established in the nuc and not in a box as my first hive did and after a thorough search I could not find her. These nucs are out of Florida and I sure wish the queen had been in her own box, at least that way I would only have the one problem to worry about.


OK, let’s break this down into manageable pieces here. :wink:

Mostly the effect is that you will slow them down. If you have mainly brood in the middle frames, and mostly honey/pollen in the outer frames, not much harm done. Just leave them be, don’t go rearranging anything.

That is not unusual. Queens can be very elusive and shy. They love to hide. If you can see eggs and uncapped larvae, and you have had your nuc for more than a week, you probably still have a queen. Don’t sweat.



What Dawn says is right on the money. This mixed up is not a massive big deal. Best thing you’ll take from this slight mess up is, “Learn from your wondering n don’t do it again.”

As for Queenie … Many are so bashful … As Dawn wrote … Look for fresh eggs n uncapped different sized larvae. If yah got those … She is a busy lady in hiding. I’ve taken pix’s of the allusive gals from time to time. One second (if Lucky) you see her then you don’t. They often love the frame edge where she can dodge back n forth side to side.

That’s my 2-cents😋 enjoy now. Gerald.


@ Dawn …

I was a busy boy today ! Got all three of my hives in there permanent positions.

I have to dig out two forsythia bushes n move about a yard of dirt ! I really got sweating ! Now I will have good access to them. . I also had to build this third hive stand … It should be able to hold the weight no problem. Also painted my second set of hive tools. I going out n work in an apiary for 8 hours tomorrow n don’t want to loss my hive tools. The yellow n red really shows even for my crappy old eye. Then I relaxed n watched my pond n wasterfall area that I also replanted as well today.

I’m tuckered out now. Bye bye n TaTa,


Why oh why don’t suppliers mark queens for beginners?
It would make it so much easier.


I did have these 2 pics from yesterday and forgot to include them above


Definitely a good number of bees. I can see why folk need two boxes. Especially with Carni or Italians